I am a recent graduate from the University of Ulster Belfast, achieving a second class honours upper division in Fine Art. However my journey into fine art began in Graphic Design and Illustration at Hertfordshire University. Though I excelled in all areas of this course, it became clear that my illustrative skills were very strong, so decided it was best to pursue this specific field. I now reside in Belfast where I work as a Visual Artist, where I most recently became Artist in Residence at the Duncairn Arts Centre. This experience was very beneficial, providing opportunities to teach, both adults and children, and also to work on many cross community projects.


My current artwork comments on social, political and cultural issues based in Britain.  I first focused on how immigration affected social opinion in Britain; this led me to look at my overall position in British culture. What does immigration mean to me? How religious cultures affect me? Like many issues that take place in the world I was not directly affected by the Syrian crisis, but I was however affected by the views and opinions of others.


I responded to these questions in several different mediums, but mainly through Abstract Expressionism. A combination of paint and photography, creating several windows into my thought process, to later to be pull together using some of my illustrations.  The idea of collage and photo manipulation is at the heart of all my pieces, as I feel photography can create an instant connection with the viewer. I try to evoke humour, controversy and awareness to issues that I feel strongly about.  Although none of my pieces hold any literal value, the meanings and concepts lie deep in the pieces of art.


Thank you for taking the time to look at my collection of recent works.  Please feel free to contact me for further information, or to simply give some feedback.